We have outlined some important points to remember in choosing the right swag to buy. There are a lot of designs swag designs from different manufacturers out there making the shopping decision a tough undertaking. To save you time and help you pick the right swag for your needs and budget, take time to read through this simple guide.

The perfect swag is just out there. You just have to learn what exactly do you need and know how to spot quality swags. When it comes to quality you are already assured when shopping from our online store. We make sure all our swags are durable and can be used for a long time.

You might probably have heard this, but let me say it again. Nothing can be so rewarding than being tucked in your swag, out in the wilderness sleeping under the night sky. Always enjoy hike and camping trips with a good swag on your side.

So, let’s get started…


When searching for a new swag the first thing you should consider is the quality of materials used. Since swags are generally made of canvas, the best canvas for a swag is something between 320 to 360 gsm or 14 – 16 ounces per square yard.

Your canvas should be water-proof, rot – proof, tear resistant, bust still breathable enough. To achieve this quality most manufactures uses a blend of polyester and cotton fibers thread in weaving the canvas. To make the canvas more long lasting a special weaving is made using nylon threads to keep the canvas light.


Swags are like bedrolls made from canvas sandwiching a mattress. After carefully considering the best canvas type and quality it’s time to check out the mattress composition of your swag.

Most compacts and traditional swags used a decent 35 mm mattress. Dome and tunnel type swags uses a much thicker mattress measuring up to 70mm.

The thicker your swag’s mattress the higher the price. Most mattresses are made from think open cell foam with a cotton blend cover. These covers are usually removable through a zipper opening to allow washing.

There also an option to add or replace your mattress with an inflatable mattress. This makes it easier to pack your swag making it lighter and compact when folded.

Design (Traditional or Dome)

When it comes to design you only need to choose between a traditional swag and a dome swag.

Traditional swag is made if a mattress sandwich between two layers of canvas. This is the old and very simple design. It’s easy to use, no assembly needed, and very affordable too. It’s also very handy and compact making it a top choice for Aussie backpackers.

Dome or Tunnels swags on the other hand uses poles to elevate the upper canvas to left it off your face. The design allows fresh air to flow in and out of the swag. It also offers a lot of rooms inside for light and safe keeping of your stuff. Windows are covered in mesh or net to keep mosquitoes, bugs and other intruders out.


Generally, unless custom made swags are available in three sizes which are single, king size and double size. Navigate through our swags in display using the size category. Below is a simple guide.

Single Size Swags

Width: 60 – 90 cm

Length: 180 -230 cm

King Size Swags

Width: 90 – 115 cm

Length: 190 – 230 cm

Double Size Swags

Width: 110 – 130 cm

Length: 190 – 230 cm

Base (Canvas vs. PVC)

Our main comparison here is the use of canvas versus a PVC material in making the base for your swag.

Most campers prefers to use canvas type of swag with a canvas base because of its breathability property. This is great when camping in dry and hot weather. When in wet and rainy campgrounds using a trap below the swag keeps it swag dry.

When choosing a swag with a PVC base, it keeps your swag and mattress dry even when setting up camp in wet and rainy campgrounds. The only problem is condensation, it’s the moisture developed from your body heat trapped in your mattress.


Experienced swag users will mostly tell you to go for # 10 Heavy Duty YKK coil or spiral zips. The problem is not all of us are familiar with zips gauges and styles. My advice is to go for those solid tab zips. They make good and heavy duty zippers. Also check for the threads used, they should be sewn in uniform pattern with no visible gaps.


Only tunnel or dome type swags are ventilated. This is made by making an opening or window in either the head part or foot and sometimes both. This allows fresh air to flow freely inside the swag. Windows are covered in nets for insect protection. Canvas window covers are also provided when you need to close these opening specially when it’s raining or very cold.

Inside Compartments

Most swags are designs with inside compartments. This allows you to have a storage of your essential items like flashlight, mobile phone, matches, keys, etc. This also makes them easier to find even if it’s dark.

Some swags are designed with separate compartments to keep the poles, pegs and ropes making it easy to find these essential items too.

Special Features

Some swags has special features or add-ons. Most will come with a swag bag, just like a sleeping bag. This makes it easy to keep and transport your swag.

If using a dome type swag, using a spreader pole can help you keep your swag up and stable. It replaces the need for ropes and pegs. Spreader pole is useful when camping in hard surface areas.

So there you have it, our complete guide to choosing good and cheap swags. Follow this link to our store, and choose which swag is best for your needs. If you have something to clarify or if you would like assistance with our swag features don’t hesitate to drop us an email and we will be happy to assist you.