Wondering what’s the best type of swag for you? Here we will take a closer look at our four canvas swag designs to help you choose the best type of swag for your camping needs.

Super Dome Swag

This is a new type of swag, much like an improved dome swag type. The design comes up to address the assembly issue with traditional dome swags where you need poles, pegs and ropes to set them up. This new design does not have that. This is easier to set up taking just a few seconds to get the whole swag into position. The key to this ingenious design is the use of a pole spreader between the two poles at the end of the swag. This keeps the swag up right, eliminating the need of using tension pegs. Now you can set up a super dome swag even indoors, or on hard surfaces.

Traditional Dome Swag

Before superdome swags come into the market, the only free standing type of swag available was called traditional dome swag, sometimes referred to as dome or tunnel swags. As the name suggest this uses poles at both ends forming a tunnel or dome. It also has ropes or strings attached to pegs for tension and keep the swag up. The design includes canvas windows with net mesh. This allows the air to move freely inside, and keeping the mosquitoes and bugs out. During hot and dry camping seasons this type of swags offers a cool and fresh comfort inside.

The only shortcoming with this design is the assembly. As mentioned this swags needs to be tied down on pegs to keep the whole thing up. This becomes a problem when you are setting up your camp in hard surfaces.

Simple Pole Style Swag

Simple pole swags features a pole to lift the upper canvas off your face. Other than that this is pretty much a basic swag or bedroll in canvas. It’s cheap so it’s nice, but this is not quite popular among campers. The designs poses some problems especially when it’s summer. It’s very hot inside the swag. There is no ventilation, so air can’t get through inside. When it’s raining the pole can lift the wet canvas up and away from your face. Some designs has netted mesh to keep bugs and mosquitoes out.

Envelope Style Swag

This is the very basic swag design. The first swags are envelope style. Just the bare mattress sandwich in a canvas thing that covers you from head to foot. This is the favorite camping mattress or bedroll for Australian outdoor enthusiasts. It’s very easy to roll out and you can tuck yourself in for a good night sleep. The next day you can easily fold it up into a compact roll and throw into your back for another hiking expedition.

The whole swag is wrapped around you, when it’s raining you need to cover your head with it. It’s hot since there is no way for air to flow inside the swag. Keeping your head out at night exposes you to mosquitoes. It’s from these drawbacks that dome swags are created. Nevertheless, this is still the most sought after swag in Australia.

If you like the outdoors, it’s a must that you have a swag. Swags can also be handy if you will be staying at your mate’s house. Swags are light and easy to assemble and roll up, just like a bedroll. It can also be kept and rolled up ready for your next trip. We hope you enjoyed our Guide to Buying Swags Online. If you are looking for your next swag, head over to Swags for Sale – our online store.