Jolly Swagman in his Swag

There’s a reason why the “Jolly Swagman” in Waltzing Matilda was so jolly.

Waltzing Matilda is quite possibly one of Australia’s most well-known folksongs worldwide; it is actually considered by locals as Australia’s unofficial anthem! The most obvious feel of the song is the fact that it gives the feeling of being carefree. Although the song has a somewhat haunted ending; even in death the swagman in the tale was still jolly. Most will agree that it was probably due to his unbridled eagerness to swagger and roam free of any commitment and stress that was the key to his happiness. But what if it was the actual convenience of his swag that made life so fulfilling?

Imagine setting up camp by starting a fire and then in mere seconds having your bed sheets and camping essentials ready to use. How jolly would this make every camper? There is no doubt that many an outdoorsman has had unsavoury thoughts of throwing in the towel thanks to the annoyance of trying to set up a complicated tent that seems to need an engineering degree and then some!

But before anyone takes these drastic measures or gives up on their camping dreams, take a look at the wonderful world of camping with a swag. These modernized, convenient camping solutions will have everyone being a “Jolly Swagman” in no time at all and the best part is that it doesn’t take rocket science to understand the concept either.

Swags are probably one of the best camping solutions available for purchase from Swag Superstore nowadays. Aussies and New Zealanders alike who have already rid themselves of the archaic tent systems will attest to the joys of having to be able to freely roam vast expanses of nature thanks to the easy to pack up and go characteristics of the modern swag. What one gets is a complete camping experience that is lightweight enough to carry on ones back. These swags are able to offer every essential camping need in one package; even getting to sleep in comfort is a breeze.

Compact, convenient and light weight, what more could a person ask for in a swag? How about a swag made for two? Never mind a bicycle made for two; although setting up a swag is as easy as riding a bicycle! Couples who love to spend time in the outdoors hiking up unmarked trails can definitely blaze their own trail with a double swag. In fact, the king dome swag can make camping a true bonding experience for the entire family.

What’s more, individuals can choose from a wide range that will suit their specific style, needs and budget. Swags on offer range from the basic cheaper range all the way to the executive range for those who like being outdoors experiencing nature without actually sleeping in the dirt. So why not get your “Jolly Swagman” on this weekend and make the most of what Mother Nature has to offer? Within no time your feet to will be waltzing through the bush to that all too wonderful Australian bush ballad!