Make a Swag Your Signature Camping Style

Getting your swag on could mean a whole flurry of things but for those who live Down Under or in NZ, it implies a weekend out in nature de-stressing. The key word here being “de-stressing”; there are so many ways to spend one’s weekend, but for adrenaline junkies and couch potato nonconformists, camping in Australia in a swag is definitely the ultimate experience.

There are several different outdoorsy types of people; those who want to profess to camp but set up elaborate tents in one spot and are bound to stay within close proximity of their make shift home and those who want to be completely mobile and free of any constraints. The latter are the ones who choose to purchase a swag for their camping trips.

Swags are designed to give campers the ease of setting up an entire ready to use campsite within 30 seconds! Yes, 30 seconds!! (Is a swag the ultimate 30 second tent? Absolutely) With the flip of one’s fingers these dome cylindrical shapes pop up offering everything one needs to be ready to eat and sleep under the night sky.


Now, most “posh” campers will already be counting off the possible lack of space and comfort on offer with these quick and easy swag styled “tents” but those in the know will already be drooling over the thought of spending another night tucked away in their comfortable swag bed sheets.

With the aim of the whole swag process being focussed on ease, the swag inventors also knew all too well that comfort was actually the primary aim. The design allows one a comfortable shelter that can have one safe within its spacious frame in a matter of seconds should the weather turn foul. These modern shelters offer campers lightweight fabric that is water and fire-resistant while also being available in many different stylish colours!

In fact the range does not just vary in several monotone and dual colour options such as grey, green and navy, but also has the single and double swag as well as the dome swag. What stands out with all of these options is the vast space that one gets with these designs. Imagine being able to effortlessly carry a 210cm long x 145cm wide x 90cm high swag on ones back that includes all the necessary bedding and essentials. Life really would be much simpler for those looking to impress that special lady; carrying a double swag will definitely be the best option leading up to an impressive night under the stars.

It is understandable that there may be a few sceptics out there who think that pitching a tent is the only way to camp; but then these same sceptics will be able to relate to the exhaustion after navigating the many tent poles out to the perfect site and absolute despair at knowing it may require taking down within a few short hours.

While those who have made swag camping their outdoor style may vaguely remember what it was once like to be bogged down by all of these tasks. Most will pretend to have no memory of using a tent and may even profess to only every have used swags in an attempt to keep their “modern camper” image intact.