The Modern Australian Swag

Don’t let your camping methods be stuck in the Stone Age – use the modern Australian Swag!

The thought of spending hours pitching a tent often stands in the way of one’s desire to be at one with nature. Even experienced campers will agree that this type of camp set up, which is a vital part of their outdoors adventure, is not a firm favourite, especially when one needs to get under shelter in a hurry. Let’s face it, nature is unpredictable and so are those bulky complicated old tent systems. Not to knock them completely, but in all honesty they have served their purpose and now need to make room for the more convenient swag! With Easter coming up, now is the time to grab yours from our swag superstore.

What is swag exactly?

Is a question that many new campers may ask and the best way to describe it is, “ingenious”.

Now for people who are not familiar with Australian or NZ terminology, the word swag has several meanings. Swag could refer to a curtain draping; an ornate plaster mould or carving or the more commonly used meaning today; “to have swag”, which refers to a person’s level of confidence or the way in which they present themselves; while in Italian swag could either mean bottino/booty or when referring to clothes, elegant. Although none of these terms refer to the Australian camping swag; if it was to be given a personality all of the above would certainly apply!

But for those who don’t know swags are actually very cleverly designed all-in-one bedrolls that locals use in New Zealand and Down Under. It is basically a bedroll that has all of one’s camp essentials as well as the all important bed sheet inside one unique package.  Camping with swag offers nature lovers a convenient means of setting up camp; and the modern versions offer campers a wide variety of comfortable options.

Experienced campers will know that the top of any outdoor excursion is having a quick easy and yet extremely comfortable shelter and bed. With normal tents, camper will spend quite a while unpacking and setting up the structure of the tent and then still be faced with having to get bed sheets set up as well. Not only is it tedious, but not at all practical when one takes into account how fast a sunny day can turn into a downpour.

Whereas, with a swag all it takes is a few seconds to unplug a couple of hooks and one has a everything set up including an ultra-comfortable bed sheet, ready to climb in and use. This ease of use makes it possible to literally sit next to the camp fire and just tuck inside the already setup swag bed sheets if it starts to rain.

As if all the convenience was not ample; camping swags from Swag Superstore offer cosy double swags which will easily accommodate two. Quite an appealing thought for those who like spending romantic evenings in the company of nature. Making the decision to buy a swag will be the difference between spending every waking hour setting up camp or actually taking advantage to the many hiking trails that lead to splendid Australian views of the many beaches; mountains and natural beauty on offer.