Are you planning to go for a trip in the mountains or camping by the river? You will need to pack the right camping materials before you go on your trip. You may wander the whole day seeking adventure but you will need a shelter at night where you can rest after a long day’s expedition.

Swags are highly preferred by the hard core camping enthusiasts but you should analyse why this kind of tent will be good for you before you head for the trip. You should keep in mind that the camping site might not be safe; it might be infested with different parasites, insects or reptiles. For this reason, swags are preferred to tents because they are designed to be insect proof. Swags also make the perfect motorcycle tent too.

Choosing the Type of Tent

You might be in a dilemma that whether you will choose swags or a pop up tent as both the options are compact and light in weight. But first you should analyse the pros and cons of each. Your wrong decision may ruin the whole trip.

Swags vs. Pop Up Tent

  • Feature: Swags are waterproof tents with a sleeping compartment which is insect-proof as well to keep away insects and parasites. On the other hand, pop-up tents are also waterproof and some could be UV ray proof also but they are not generally insect-proof.
  • Durability: Swags are highly durable and do not easily tear down or get blown away. They can be the ultimate camping partner for you even in harsh weather like rain or winds. On the other hand pop-up tents are so light that they cannot bear high winds. the material of pop-up tent is so light that it is susceptible to get torn down easily. They cannot withstand rain or winds.
  • Sleeping option: Swags come with an in-built comfortable foam mattress that gives you the ultimate comfort you can ever get while camping. A swag style bedroll is easy and light to carry. On the other hand, you will have to carry your bedding separately if you are planning to camp with pop-up tents. Although pop-up tents are lighter, you will have to take the hassle of carrying both the tent and the bedding to your camping site and if are a lone traveller, it will be difficult for you to carry both.
  • Time: You can roll out swags within seconds and lie down to sleep within minutes. The simple design of swags allows the user to set it quickly and get a quality sleep after a tiring day. Pop-up tents can also be installed quickly but you will need double time arrange you bedding inside the tent if you do not have a helping hand.

After analysing the pros and cons of swags and pop-up tents it could be inferred that it is better to buy swags rather than pop-up tents as you may get isolated from your fellow campers and have to do all the work single-handedly or you may have to face harsh weather conditions.