A Simple Guide to Camping for Couples

Planning to camp away Down South with a friend or partner?

Australia is mostly known as an outdoors country and what better way to explore it with your loved one than to go out camping in the vast Aussie wilderness? There are plenty of attractions to explore ranging from the most frequented to those that are off-the-beaten-path. Often, these are neatly tucked away from areas of most visitor traffic and can offer you something quite pristine and unique.

But the camping destination or venue is only a part of the overall camping experience. In order to get your camping right, you have to get plenty of other factors right. This particularly applies if you are a first-time camper eager not to mess up your romantic getaway or day out with a friend. A bad camping trip can really test your patience and compatibility to the highest limits. There are plenty of things that can make your camping go really bad. Here, think of the heavy monsoonal rains, cold, squabbles, poor tents, hunger or even getting lost. Lack of planning can turn a potentially enjoyable excursion into a fight for your very survival.

This is why it is important to cover all the tracks when you are about to venture into the vast world that is the Australian wilderness. Here are some important tips that you can follow to ensure your camping escapade with your friend or loved one isn’t necessarily the last:-

Ease into the camping

Going out camping with someone can feel a little uneasy.  If you are getting out for the first time, then it is important that you do not “rough it up” when it comes to the choice of your camping venues.  You may tone it down a little bit and choose something that is not quite as extraordinary. This is important as it will help you avoid creating anxiety.  In such a situation, it would be advisable to choose a fairly well equipped camp where you can easily set up for the night.

Once you have bonded through these kinds of preliminary Australian camping experiences, it would be possible for you to explore more “primitive” camping experiences in extreme trails or remote locations where you can push your cooperation and tolerance of one another to the limits.

Pack well

You are likely to get your packing wrong when you are venturing out into something for the first time. We get it wrong even after taking a few flights, so this is nothing strange. But there are steps that you can follow to ensure “optimal” packing for camping so that you will not rue leaving anything behind that otherwise ends up ruining your day.

The first thing that you must consider is the possibility for a decent tent for your camping. Swags are high preferable for couples planning to venture into the Australian wilderness.  They are highly compact, portable, light in weight and easy to carry when you are heading out on your camping excursions.  These are also made of good canvas which is both breathable and water-proof.

It is also important to consider some camp chairs along with headlamps. Ensure that you can set up your swag well. There is nothing as bad as fumbling with your gear through the night and ruining time for precious moments in the wilderness.

Listen and plan

Listen to your partner and decide in advance what you plan to explore during your day out. Is it a good camp site or the trails? The scenic landscapes or paddling down the river? Squabbles can really ruin an otherwise smooth camp trip.

Find groups of friends to go out with

While it all sounds exciting and intimate to go out just the two of you, you are going to have plenty more fun if you invite some friends along.  There are many things that you will not be able to do or explore on your own and inviting many friends along really expands the scope of your experience.

Know your limits

Be very realistic about the camping conditions that you will be most comfortable with. While camping is about getting out of our limits, you certainly do not desire a nasty experience that you can barely grapple with!

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