Summer Swag Camping Hints and Tips

Summer is finally here! It’s the best time to enjoy the great outdoors: hitting the beach, go fishing, and my personal favorite: going camping. For me there’s nothing better than a cozying up near a bonfire, sipping a cold beer, de-stressing and relaxing in your swag and just getting in touch with nature. Camping is also a perfect way to celebrate a romantic getaway with your significant other especially if you’re the outdoor type of couple or it can also be a great way to bond with your group of friends.

But of course, first thing’s first: we have to be prepared and ensure our safety in order to have the most enjoyable summer camping possible. Here are a few hints and tips:

Choose a safe location

I think this should be a given, but sometimes we get so excited that we forget to check out the place where we’ll be setting up camp. Do a little research on the place and obtain proper permits if necessary. Make sure you’re not camping near a crocodile habitat. But even if you’re not, avoid swimming in rivers or oceans alone. Wear protective footwear to shield yourself from snake and spider bites. Protect yourself from mosquito and insect bites by bringing an insect repellent lotion and making sure that your swag or tent has its mosquito screen secure.

Bring a reliable and decent tent. Swags are highly recommended because they are lightweight, easy to bring and can be set up in less than a minute. Make sure your vehicle is in good condition to avoid being stranded when going to or back from camping. Bring necessary communicative devices such your mobile phone, a radio or better yet a satellite phone. Also bring a compass, a map, a first -aid kit and of course, a bottle opener (hey, it’s necessary believe me). Kidding aside, it is important that you should also inform someone of when and where you’re going and when they should be expecting you back.

Campfire safety measures.

Avoid building fire during total fire bans or when the fire danger rating (FDR) is at its peak. Light a fire on fire pits provided or if there are none, it is advisable to build a trench to house the fire and make a border with rocks. Never leave your fire unattended and always make sure to fully extinguish your fire with water when you’re done using it.

Bring adequate food and water.

Actually, bring a little extra food and water than what you have allotted for your camping trip in case of emergencies.

Since it’s summer, you may want to bring clothing which has soft and light fabrics to make you feel comfortable during this warm weather. However, it is also recommended that you bring a blanket with you in case it gets chilly at night.

So, there it is. Being prepared for any mishaps that may occur during a camping trip will give you the chance to experience the great wilderness with a peace of mind. Have a great summer!