Do you like to explore remote areas blended with natural beauty? Do you like camping, travelling and trekking? Then you might have to stay at night in an unknown land and it will not be safe to sleep in an open area; you will need a safe enclosure to rest at night so that you can continue your journey next day. Taking an ordinary tent will be of no use as it will not be able to protect you from insects, pests, reptiles and harsh weather. Tents are often blown away in high winds and cannot withstand Australian downpours. Ordinary tents will not be able to give you the comfort of sleeping and you will have to carry your bedding separately. Swags are the best camping options as it is convenient to carry, fast to put up and reliable to sleep in. We make it easy to find the perfect camping swag. Hopefully this information will help you.

Kinds of swags

Before you head for the expedition, choose the kind of swag which will be easy for you to carry.

  • Traditional swags: You can opt for the traditional swag which looks more like a bedroll. The soft mattress is stuffed between two canvasses, one of which acts as the base while the other serve as the cover for the swag and you are ready to get a comfortable sleep. This type of swag is ideal for lone travelers as it is light in weight and compact.
  • Tunnel or dome shaped swags: The dome or tunnel type of swag is much larger and bulkier and can shelter more than one person. It is ideal for those who go on expeditions or camping in their cars with a group of people. These types of swags provide mesh ventilation at the top to facilitate the flow of air in the swag. If the sky is clear you can enjoy the starry night from the ceiling of the mesh ventilation from a safe and reliable enclosure.

Size of swags

You should choose from the three basic sizes of swags according to your requirement of the trip.

  • The single size swag is 60-90 cm in breadth and 180-230 cm in length. Most people are easily able slip into this smallest swag. They are the perfect 1 man tent.
  • King size swag comes with a width of 90-115cm and length of almost 180-230 cm. This type of swag is more spacious.
  • Double size swag is 110-130 cm wide and 190-239 com long which allows two people to crawl inside and sleep comfortably.

The canvas of the swag

Carefully assess the canvas of your swag before heading on to your adventure. Choose the canvases that are sturdier and not susceptible to wear and tear. Check whether the swag is rot proof and does not encourages mildew or mould to grow on it. You may also choose those canvases which are insect repellants so that you can get a peaceful sleep. Check that the canvas is leak proof so that water does not drip inside.

To conclude

A swag really is the ultimate 30 second tent. You will be on your way to adventure and camping in no time with one of our swags. They are reliable, easy to carry and convenient to put up in just 30 seconds. You can find a great range in our online store.